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One of our patient received 3 mini implants and was happy to make a video explaining her experience.


Patient has 6 mini implants placed to help hold top denture in place

implant 1234.jpg

implant replacing a missing front tooth

White and spot removal.jpg

Patient had a stain on front tooth, Made a composite filling to blend in the stain with surrounding teeth.

Anna implant denture.JPG

10 mini implants to help patient with denture stabilization. Now patient can talk, eat with out the loose denture falling out.

case 2.jpeg

due to limited financial resource only two crowns were place on the front teeth to improve appearance. Patient was happy with the result. 

case 1.jpeg

crowns were placed on restore severely decayed front teeth

Teeth before and after.JPG

Four crowns were placed on the front teeth to close the gap and even out chipped edges.

case 3.jpeg

two 3-units bridge were placed to restore 6 front teeth. 

in office whitening.JPG

In office teeth whitening,

Patient wanted straighter teeth. One year later with clear aligners.

Single missing tooth implant

nine front crowns to give our patient a more confident smile

 10 veneers placed on front teeth, helped with a more confident smile.
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